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October 8, 2008 LOTTO Winning Numbers: 18-30-31-34-49-54 EXTRA NUMBER : 19LOTTO Drawing - No Jackpot Prize Winners in $4,000,000.00 LOTTO Drawing - No Second-prize winners, Prize monies to rollover to next drawing

Prize Level Numbers Matched Prize Amount New York Winner
First 6 out of 6 numbers $0.00 0
Second 5 out of 6 numbers + bonus number $0.00 0
Third 5 out of 6 numbers $1,386.00 21
Fourth 4 out of 6 numbers $33.00 937
Fifth 3 out of 6 numbers $1.00 23258

The LOTTO Jackpot for October 11, 2008 will be $5,000,000.00 including the annuity interest earned over a 25 year prize payment period.

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