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Lucky Ticket Number Helps Queens Man to $10,000,000 Scratch-Off Win

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Chang Tong Chen, of Flushing, Queens, has claimed a top prize of $10,000,000 on the $10,000 A Week For Life scratch-off ticket. 


Chen, a recently retired chef, said he only plays the Lottery scratch-off games, not the draw games. He chose the $10,000 A Week For Life game because of the “lucky” ticket number. 


Chen was buying groceries to make Sunday dinner and stopped at Primacare Plus Pharmacy to buy his Lottery tickets. 


Chen bought the first $10,000 A Week For Life ticket because the ticket number was “8” and he considers that a lucky number. That ticket was a non-winner, so he decided to by the next ticket number “7” because that is his son’s lucky number. 


He scratched the ticket right away and thought he had won big, but wasn’t sure. The ticket checker was not working, so he handed the ticket to the clerk who printed out a jackpot winner receipt for him. 


Chen quietly left the store and went right home. Once there, he showed the ticket to his wife who didn’t believe that he had won the jackpot. Then he called his son and asked him to come home. Chen showed the ticket to his son who confirmed for him that he had won the $10,000,000 jackpot prize by matching the number “49.” 


Chen opted to receive his $10,000,000 prize as a one-time lump sum payment, netting him $5,105,232.00 after required withholdings. 


Chen said he was very happy about his big win and plans to buy a house and enjoy life and his new retirement. 


The New York Lottery contributed $1,265,576,988.95 to school districts throughout New York City during fiscal year 2014-2015. 


About the New York Lottery 

The New York Lottery continues to be North America’s largest and most profitable Lottery, contributing $3.11 billion in fiscal year 2014-2015 to help support education in New York State. The Lottery’s contribution represents 14 percent of total state education aid to local school districts. 


New York Lottery revenue is distributed to local school districts by the same statutory formula used to distribute other state aid to education. It takes into account both a school district’s size and its income level; larger, lower-income school districts receive proportionately larger shares of Lottery school funding.