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Nothing says Halloween like Gargoyles, Ghosts and…Lottery Winners?

Bewitching New York Lottery Draw Team Members Yolanda Vega and Gretchen Dizer today teamed up to award a total of $13,000,000 in cash prizes to a two-time Lottery winner from Holbrook, Suffolk County; three instant game winners from Staten Island, the Bronx and Brooklyn; and one additional Stinkin' Rich winner from Nassau County. Vega and Dizer treated the winners to their checks at the Masquerade Costumes Halloween Adventure Store in Times Square.


Third Time's the Charm for Suffolk County Sweet Million Mom; Former Lotto Winner

Holbrook car salesperson Susan DeFalco, 55, knows what she wants. At a stop for coffee and three Quick Pick Sweet Million tickets, DeFalco didn't go with the flow when the clerk returned with just a $2 ticket. "I asked for that third set of numbers," she explained. "And those were the numbers I won on."


No stranger to Lottery luck, DeFalco was one of a group of eight that split a $3,000,000 Lotto win in July of 2001. She won the prize with seven coworkers from the Atlantic Auto Mall in West Islip after eight years of playing. After claiming their prize, the prophetic DeFalco said, "We're going to win again."


DeFalco purchased her latest $1,000,000 winning ticket on October 14th at the 7-Eleven on Sunrise Highway in Islip Terrace. She was the sole jackpot winner for the Sweet Million drawing held later that day. DeFalco claimed her ticket on October 15th in Garden City. Her Sweet Million win makes her Suffolk County's eighth millionaire of 2010. She will receive her prize in one lump sum payment of $660,300.


DeFalco said her plans for the windfall include paying off her mortgage, helping her daughter with some home repairs, and, "I'm going to buy my granddaughter braces."


Lottery Win Leaves Bronx Maintenance Worker "Set for Life"
"Good things happen to good people," says $5,000,000 Set for Life winner Tyrone Seward of the Bronx. A devoted volunteer who does "a lot of community service," Seward is also committed to his girlfriend of 10 years. "We have put off getting married but now we're going to do it up big!" Seward is guaranteed to receive a minimum prize of $5,000,000, but, at 53 years young, he could receive much more over the course of his lifetime.


The maintenance worker at the United Nations School in Manhattan purchased the winning instant ticket on his way to work on October 15th. "Lottery tickets and coffee are just part of my morning routine," Seward explained. On the morning he won, Seward says, "I stopped at the J&J Mini Mart [on Commonwealth Avenue in the Bronx] and scratched the ticket in the car. The next thing I knew I'm screaming in the car." Seward claimed his prize at the Lottery's Manhattan office later that day.


Seward is used to waiting patiently so his $5,000,000 win is a perfect fit. "I'm taking it one day at a time," he says of his windfall. "You can't plan for this!"


Seward's Set for Life prize will pay out as 20 annual payments of $250,000 each (net $155,385) to reach the guaranteed $5,000,000. After that, he will continue to receive an annual check for the rest of his life.


Brooklyn Family Living Magnificent Lottery Dream
Magnificent Millions instant game winner Dam Le and her husband Toan thought they were dreaming when she scratched off their Magnificent Millions instant ticket to reveal a $3,000,000 winner. "I had my wife slap me," explained Le. "I wanted to make sure I was awake."


The Brooklyn couple said they take a team approach to playing the Lottery. "I buy and my wife scratches because she has all the luck," explained Toan Le, an electrician who was recently laid off from his job. "We were at home when she scratched the ticket. I didn't believe we had won -- I was very calm."


Despite his calm demeanor, Le said he wasn't leaving anything to chance. "We wanted to head to the claim center right away," Le said the timing of the family's win is right on the money, "We're going home to Vietnam for a family reunion," he said, "This will make the trip much easier."


Toan Le purchased the Magnificent Millions ticket at Shaheen Food & Grocery on New Utrecht Avenue in Brooklyn on September 30th. His wife Dam claimed the prize later that day at the Lottery's New York City Customer Service Center. The Le family will receive their prize as 20 annual payments in the amount of $150,000 each (net $93,231).


Queens Office Manager Finds "The One" with Lottery Purchase
"Are you sure I won?" questioned Robert Marinelli, 53, of Flushing Queens when he claimed his $1,000,000 Super 9s prize on October 18th at the Lottery's Garden City Customer Service Center. The office manager for a promotion and advertising company said, "This is something special."


"My mother and I were just finishing up a little walk around the neighborhood when I went into the deli to buy some lottery tickets," Marinelli explained. "I bought two tickets and the second one was 'The One.'" He purchased his ticket at the Gerizim Deli on 39th Avenue in Bayside, Queens on October 17th.


Marinelli said, "This is my ticket to being better off." The self-described loyal player said he had never won more than $500 before now but now he's won his share. "I've played enough," he said.


Marinelli will receive his prize as 20 annual payments of $50,000 each (net $31,077). His plans for the money are, simply, "To live happily. I've done a lot in my life already."


Jamaican-born Long Island Woman Reeks of Delayed Lottery Win
Forty-three-year old Dawn Williams of Oceanside, Nassau County, is breathing in the sweet smell of victory with her $1,000,000 win on the Stinkin' Rich instant ticket. "I just love the name," said the home health aide of her game choice.


Originally from Jamaica, Williams purchased her ticket from Baldwin Trade on Grand Avenue in Baldwin just prior to a planned three-week vacation to visit family in Jamaica. She found it in August -- still unscratched -- in her pants pocket. "I placed it on my dresser after I found it," she said. "When I finally scratched it, I was speechless."


Not convinced that her luck was true, Williams made a solo trip to the claim center. "I came by myself because I didn't want to be embarrassed if it was a fraudulent ticket," she confessed.


The mother of two said she will use her Stinkin' Rich winnings to, "Buy a house for my kids and myself." She will receive her $1,000,000 prize as 20 annual payments of $50,000 each (net $ 33,015).


Staten Island "Cinder-fella" Wins $1,000,000 Millionaire Madness Prize
"I finished mopping and figured, while I wait for the floor to dry, I'll scratch some Lottery tickets," said Staten Island's Eric Snyder about his $1,000,000 Millionaire Madness scratch-off prize.


"I work overnights at the Bagel Depot deli -- cleaning, doing food prep and delivery," explained Snyder. The 28-year-old said he sometimes buys Lottery tickets during his breaks. "This time I knew right away I had a winner," he said. "I was jumping up and down all over the place."


Snyder bought his ticket on October 5th at the Richmond Avenue bagel store on Staten Island. He claimed his prize later that morning at the Lottery's offices in Manhattan.


As for his plans for the money, Snyder mused, "I might start my own business, maybe open my own deli." He will receive his prize as 20 annual payments of $50,000 each (net $31,077).


It's Welcome Back to Fabulous Yonkers for Lottery Winner

For Brooklyn-born Basim Khoury, October 11, 2010 started out like any other day and ended like no other before. The 44-year-old auto repairman said things were slow at his repair shop because of the Columbus Day holiday, so he took advantage of the quiet to buy and scratch some Lottery tickets. "I bought four tickets. The first three didn't pan out but the fourth -- the fourth [Welcome Back to Fabulous Las Vegas] paid for them and then some."


Khoury said, "No one was more surprised than me when I saw $1,000,000 printed on my Welcome Back to Fabulous Las Vegas ticket. I thought it was a mistake, I had to prove it to myself so I went to the [Empire City] Casino in Yonkers because I knew they could tell me if it was real or not."


The devoted father of three purchased his Welcome Back to Fabulous Las Vegas ticket at Yonkers Gas & Convenience on Nepperhan Avenue in Yonkers. Basim handed his ticket over to his daughter, Crystal, who claimed the prize on October 27th.


"A lot of people think I'm crazy for signing over the prize to my daughter," said Basim, "But I feel it's the right thing to do. I'm 46 and secure, but she is getting married and is just starting out, so this will give her security." The generous dad said he wanted to give his daughter, "Something to fall back on down the road."


Crystal Khoury, 19, also of Yonkers, will receive her prize as 20 annual payments of $50,000 each (net $32,566).