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Retail Licensing Program Important Information

The sale of New York Lottery tickets is a win-win proposition for your business and for the State, which benefits from billions of dollars in Lottery Aid to Education each year.

From a business perspective, selling Lottery tickets is a proven way to attract and retain customers as you earn a 6% commission on every Lottery ticket sold at your location.   In addition to earning a commission on the sale of each ticket, you will also receive free point-of-sale materials and displays which the Lottery provides at no cost to you, making the Lottery a valuable addition to a variety of different business types.


Please choose from the following options carefully as choosing the wrong category will delay the review process:

  • New Retailer: This option should only be used by applicants who own a location that does not currently sell Lottery  tickets. Click here if you are interested in filing as a New Retailer.
  • Change of Ownership: This option should only be used by applicants who are under contract to purchase a business which currently sells Lottery tickets, including Quick Draw.  Click here if you are interested in filing as a Change of Ownership.

The application for both of the above categories will be filed electronically with the Lottery’s Licensing Department by following all instructions.

If you are currently licensed to sell Lottery products and would like to be considered for Quick Draw, simply contact your Lottery Sales Representative.


 Regional Evaluation

  • A Lottery Representative from the regional office will visit your business and evaluate your location.  You will be asked for the following documents to verify information provided on your application:
  • Quarterly Tax Return or cash register receipts
  • Certificate of Authority
  • If applicable, New York State Liquor Authority License
  • After the evaluation is complete, the application is reviewed by the regional Lottery manager.

 Conditional Approval & Orientation Session

  • Upon conditional approval, you will submit required licensing documents and attend an Orientation Session.

 Installation of Communication Device

  • Since the Lottery requires secure communication between your terminal and its central computer, a communication device will be installed at your business with no costs to you. This installation will take place once you have completed all of the application documents, have attended the orientation session, and have received final licensing approval. The Lottery terminal requires a dedicated electrical outlet/circuit (120 Volt, 20 AMP). It will be your responsibility to make sure this outlet is available prior to Lottery terminal installation.

 Training Session

  • Once the communication device has been installed for your Lottery terminal, you will attend a scheduled Lottery training session where you will be trained to operate the Lottery terminal.  

 Terminal Installation

  • After you complete your training, your equipment will be installed and you will be able to sell Lottery tickets.  Your equipment will be installed, maintained, and repaired by trained technicians, at no costs to you.*  

 Assignment of a Lottery Sales Representative

  • After your terminal has been installed, you will be assigned a Lottery Sales Representative who will visit you regularly. The main focus of their visit will be to help you increase your Lottery sales. They will also provide you with point of sales materials and displays and will assist you with managing your instant ticket inventory.

Still have questions? Please contact any one of our regional offices for help.

Thank you for your interest in the New York Lottery!

*Subject to limitations.