Here's a small subset of dictionary definitions for winning words, i.e. the Lottery lexicon!

A Lottery annuity is a fixed sum of money paid out every year until the amount owed is fully paid off. "For Life" payments are paid during the winner's life, for a minimum of 20 years. There are two ways to receive annuity: graduated payments and consistent payments.

At the Lottery, a Scratch-off game's cash deadline is the last day for a player to claim prizes from that game. Once the end of a game is announced, players have an entire year from that date to claim their prizes.

Consistent payments are a kind of annuity payment that is paid out as the same amount each year. For example, if you win Mega Millions, the payments are the same each year over 25 years.

Draw games are Lottery games that requires the winning numbers to be drawn by either a live drawing or a random number generator. New York Lottery draw games are the following: Powerball, Cash4Life, Mega Millions, Lotto, Take5, Win4, Quick Draw, Numbers, Pick10.

Dual matrix games have winning combinations drawn from two separate sets of numbers, games like Mega Millions, Powerball, and Cash4Life. The combined results determine winning combinations for each win level.

Extended play Scratch-off games take a little longer to play. Many extended play games also have smaller games within one ticket, and different ways to multiply a player's winnings. For example, Cashword Doubler's star symbol adds the chance to double the prize, which can be won by solving a crossword puzzle with the player's revealed letters.

Graduated payments are a kind of annuity payment that increases in amount every year, commonly referred to as an "inflation fighter." For example, Lotto and Powerball are graduated prize payments while Mega Millions is consistent payment.

Group Play is the option to play the Lottery alongside other people! We offer this option to our Lotto, Mega Millions, and Cash4Life subscribers. Learn more or subscribe today!

If you're looking for a weekly update on Scratch-off games, check out the Instant Game Report every Monday. It includes the game names, game numbers, prices, and each game's cash deadline.

This feature is available for Numbers, Win 4, and Take 5. Add Instant Win to your wager for an extra $1. Match one or more of your numbers to the Instant Win numbers in the exact position and win prize(s) shown under the matches instantly.

Licensed retailers are locations all over New York State where you can purchase official Lottery games. See here for our map of retailers near you!

A lump sum is a single payment. If you choose to receive your jackpot prize all at once, you will receive the estimated present cash value of the advertised jackpot.

Pari-mutuel is a payout method in which the total amount of money in a prize pool is split between all the winners for that particular prize level.

Party Play is a special feature that allows you to purchase an identical version of your Quick Draw ticket for your clerk or server. Your ticket and the Party Play ticket will be eligible for the next draw. The cost is $1, or $2 if you play Quick Draw “Extra.”

Play in Advance lets you play the same numbers for drawings beyond the very next draw of the game you're playing. The number of advance draws varies from game to game.

Play It Again lets you purchase your exact numbers again within 30 days after a ticket's draw date. Simply give your ticket to a retailer within 30 days of the ticket's drawing and get an identical ticket for the next drawing.

The playslip is the paper form where you choose your Lottery numbers, and it's used for all New York Lottery draw games. When the retailer puts your playslip into a reader, the Lottery terminal will generate a Lottery ticket with your numbers on it.

Multiply your winnings up to ten times with Quick Draw Extra – the number that’s picked at random after each draw. Choose the Extra option on your playslip, and this will double your wager.

Ask for a Quick Pick for any draw game and you'll receive a ticket with numbers that have been chosen for you at random by the terminal.

Retired Lottery games are games that can no longer be purchased, played, or cashed. You'll know a game is retired when these games are no longer on this New York Lottery website.

Scratch-offs or instant games are Lottery tickets with a special coating, which the user removes to reveal possible winning numbers or combinations. New Scratch-off games are introduced regularly. See the newest Scratch-off games here.

Second Chance is a feature where non-winning Lottery tickets become an additional opportunity to win prizes other than those in the ticket's specific game.

Single matrix games draw from only one set of numbers to determine winning combinations. For example, Take 5 draws 5 numbers from a single set of 39 numbers. The results determine winning combinations for each win level.

With an online subscription to the New York Lottery, a player will automatically be entered into draws for Mega Millions, Lotto, and Cash4Life. A player can purchase up to a year’s worth of draws and have their winnings deposited directly into their subscriptions account. A subscription is also the way for players to join forces and participate in Group Play. Learn more about subscriptions here.

A terminal is a special electronic device in every Lottery retailer. It has three functions: it enters playslips into draw games, prints tickets for Lottery games, and cashes out winning Lottery tickets.

Video gaming are interactive games of chance played on a video screen. These can be found at any of the New York State Gaming Commission's nine casinos.