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How To Play

To win the Pick 10 Jackpot, match the ten numbers on your ticket to ten of the winning twenty-number combination drawn.

Check out our map and head to the nearest New York Lottery retailer!

Quick Pick is the easiest way to play. Ask for a Quick Pick and the computer will choose random numbers for you. Skip right to Step 4.

If you’d rather choose your own numbers, grab a Pick 10 playslip.

Each game is $1.

Choose ten numbers from 1 to 80. Find these in the pink section of each playslip, and fill them in with a black or blue pen, or a pencil.

Hand your completed playslip over to the retailer to receive your ticket in return.

Hold on to it!

Pick 10 draws every day, at 8:30 PM. To catch a live broadcast, check out these television stations.

Game Features

Pick 10 Play it again
Play It Again

Try your numbers again. Give your ticket to a retailer within 30 days to purchase an identical ticket for the next drawing.

Pick 10 Advance Play
Advance Play

Play the same numbers for up to a week with Advance Play. Fill in the days on the playslip, or tell your retailer if you choose Quick Pick.

Game Odds & Prizes

Overall Odds Of Winning

1 in 17.00

Odds of winning

1 in 8,911,711



*In the event there are more than ten Jackpot winners, those winners will share a Jackpot of $5,000,000 with New York Lottery rules and regulations.

Odds of winning

1 in 163,381



Odds of winning

1 in 7,384



Odds of winning

1 in 621



Odds of winning

1 in 87



Odds of winning

1 in 22