Game Overview



Top Prize


Arm with a trophy

How To Play

Play Instructions


Scratch the moneybags to reveal Winning Numbers.


Scratch the dollar signs to reveal Your Numbers.


Match any of Your Numbers to any of the Winning Numbers to win prize shown.

Reveal a 5X symbol to win 5 times the prize shown.

Reveal a 10X symbol to win 10 times the prize shown.

Reveal a 20X symbol to win 20 times the prize shown.


If you won, redeem your prize! See how.

Game Odds and Prizes

Overall Odds of Winning

1 in 4.12


Odds Of Winning

Prize$500,000 Odds of Winning1 in 2,916,960
Prize$5,000 1 in 729,240
Prize$2,000 1 in 182,310
Prize$500 1 in 4,120
Prize$250 1 in 4,120
Prize$100 1 in 474
Prize$40 1 in 100
Prize$25 1 in 100
Prize$20 1 in 100
Prize$15 1 in 33
Prize$10 1 in 11
Prize$5 1 in 11

Players Club

Enter eligible tickets to get a second chance to win cash, points, or prizes.