Game Overview



Top Prize


Arm with a trophy

How To Play

Play Instructions


Scratch the Your Scrabble Letters area to reveal 18 letters within the box.


Scratch each letter on the Board that corresponds to Your Scrabble letters.


Complete 3 or more words on the Board to win the corresponding prize shown in the Prize Legend.


If you win on the Board and any one of the completed words has a blue square in the word, you win double the prize indicated.


If you win on the Board and any one of the completed words has a red square in the word, you win triple the prize indicated. Play the game on the back of the ticket!


Add up the value of Your Word letters for each game.


If the total value of Your Word is greater than Their Word in any one game, you win the prize for that game.


Each game is played separately.


If you won, redeem your prize! See how.

Game Odds and Prizes

Overall Odds of Winning

1 in 3.98


Odds Of Winning

Prize$60,000 Odds of Winning1 in 3,460,800
Prize$20,000 1 in 8,652,000
Prize$1,500 1 in 123,600
Prize$500 1 in 24,720
Prize$200 1 in 2,472
Prize$100 1 in 1,717
Prize$60 1 in 125
Prize$50 1 in 500
Prize$40 1 in 500
Prize$20 1 in 125
Prize$15 1 in 100
Prize$10 1 in 100
Prize$9 1 in 100
Prize$6 1 in 50
Prize$5 1 in 25
Prize$3 1 in 7

Players Club

Enter eligible tickets to get a second chance to win cash, points, or prizes.