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Arm with a trophy

How To Play

Play Instructions


Scratch the entire Caller’s Card to reveal 25 Bingo numbers, or scratch them off one at a time for more suspense!


Match the Caller’s Card numbers to the same numbers on each of your 4 Bingo player’s cards.


Scratch off each of the matching numbers. They will change to a lighter color to make it easier to spot BINGO!


Match the Caller’s Card numbers to the same numbers on the player’s cards. See if they create a winning combination.


Refer to the prize arrow next to each card to see what you have won.

  If your winning combination contains the DBL symbol, your prize doubles!


The DBL symbol on the four Bingo Cards can be used as a Free Space to complete a winning pattern.


Note: You may win more than one prize on this ticket, but you cannot win more than one prize on each of Cards 1 through 4.


If you won, redeem your prize! See how.

Game Odds and Prizes

Overall Odds of Winning

1 in 5.14


Odds Of Winning

Prize$20,000 Odds of Winning1 in 1,946,700.00
Prize$4,000 1 in 587,683.02
Prize$2,000 1 in 134,255.17
Prize$600 1 in 103,824.00
Prize$500 1 in 77,480.60
Prize$200 1 in 8,240.00
Prize$165 1 in 12,978.00
Prize$100 1 in 2,472.00
Prize$50 1 in 1,373.33
Prize$40 1 in 988.80
Prize$20 1 in 125.00
Prize$17 1 in 250.00
Prize$15 1 in 250.00
Prize$12 1 in 125.00
Prize$10 1 in 83.33
Prize$9 1 in 76.92
Prize$7 1 in 100.00
Prize$5 1 in 76.92
Prize$4 1 in 33.33
Prize$2 1 in 11.11